Cardinal Roof is a Roofing Contractor servicing Vestavia Hills, AL. Cardinal Roof


What to expect at Roofing Contractors in Birmingham, AL

Doing business with Cardinal Roofing is easy and worry free.  Cardinal Roof’s, roofing contractor office is located at 608 University Blvd, Birmingham AL.

We are local and we want our customers to know what they should expect from us.  Do you have flower beds or shrubs that you do not want to get damaged during the roofing process?

Cardinal Roofing will protect shrubs and flower beds around your home.  Are you also worried about your satellite dish?  They will remove the satellite dish from the roof to install the new roofing.  If feasible, they will replace the dish.  Cardinal Roofing will make sure their customers and their homes will be well taken care of!


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