metal roofing Franklin, TN


Quality metal roofing, professional installation, and excellent pricing are a few of the many qualities you can expect from Cardinal Roofing. Metal roofing can be a great option for commercial or residential properties all around Franklin, TN and surrounding areas. It is a worry-free solution for your roofing needs. Providing long-lasting durability through even the toughest weather conditions, metal roofs add protection, style, and curb appeal to your house or commercial property.


Is a metal roof right for your building or home? Long ago, metal roofs were available only in an unsightly noisy tin model, a look and sound quite unappealing for most anyone. Now, metal roofing options are endless, making them a great option for a home or commercial property. There are color options that will match your exterior beautifully and style options for every unique situation.

Of course, metal roofing’s advantages extend further than its versatility, although it certainly exceeds expectations there. Some of the advantages of metal roofing you’ll enjoy include:

Impact Resistant: Metal roofing is impact resistant, so common weather damage from wind, small limbs, and small hail isn’t a concern. Plus, metal roofs are wind resistant to winds up to 120 MPH!

Fire Resistant: A metal roof won’t catch fire and that’s an advantage other roofing materials usually don’t offer. Fire-resistant roofing minimizes damage to your home or business in the event of a fire.

Energy Efficient: Imagine smaller energy bills and then imagine life with a solar radiant metal roof. A 30% to 40% reduction in cooling costs is average for home and business owners using metal roofing.

Durability: Metal roofing is strong and durable, resistant to many weather elements, and ready to provide many years of great use for those who install it on their home. 

Longevity: No other roofing offers the same longevity as a metal roof. Metal roofing materials don’t wear down the same way that shingles will. On average, a metal roof provides a minimum of 50 years of great use. Many metal roofs provide closer to 100 years of use.

Low Maintenance: If you don’t like the thought of spending tons of money for upkeep on your roof or don’t want to see roofing professionals for repairs on a regular basis, you’ll appreciate the metal roof and the low maintenance feature it provides.

Environmentally Friendly: A metal roof is constructed from 20- 30% recycled material. And, when it’s time to replace the metal roof, it’s completely recyclable! 

Stylish: Metal roofs are available in many colors, styles, and designs, and from numerous metal materials, ensuring every home and business owner has the roof they need.

Because of the numerous safety, efficiency, and longevity benefits, a metal roof can increase the value of your home! Many homeowners and business owners are under the impression that a metal roof will be significantly more expensive than other roofing options, but most of the time, that’s not the case. Metal roofs are actually similar in price to shingle roofs! It’s a practical option for roof replacements since it will increase the value of your home and provide protection without having to invest more than you would with other roofing materials. 


We focus on quality installation on every job that we perform. Our experienced installers are knowledgeable in metal roofing and installation of the material, ensuring your complete satisfaction on a job well done. We stand behind every job that we perform, offering extended material warranties for your peace of mind and protection. We offer some of the best pricing on metal roofing in our service areas all around Franklin, TN. Schedule your free roof inspection with Cardinal Roofing today!