5 Questions to Ask Residential Roofers before Hiring Them

5 Questions to Ask Residential Roofers before Hiring Them

September 01, 2022

A homeowner is aware that a roof’s lifespan is finite. A roof only lasts a certain number of years before it needs to be fixed or replaced. The number of years differs from one material to the next due to its construction.

When planning to have work done on your roofing, one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make is which contractor you will hire. Be sure that you can put your faith in them to deliver work of the greatest possible standard. 

Finding the correct roofing contractor does not have to be as challenging. Read on to know the five questions you will need to ask the potential residential roofers before hiring them.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

One of the questions you should ask a potential roofer throughout the recruiting process is, “How many years of experience do you have?” You should check the roofer’s credentials to ensure they are sufficient for the task. You would want to be sure that your roof is installed correctly, as it is a costly investment.

An experienced roofer will likely better understand the roofing process and can answer any questions you have. If you’re hiring a roofer recommended by someone you trust, you may not need to worry as much about their experience level.

2. What Type of Roofing Do You Specialize In?

If you are considering employing a roofing contractor, you should ask what kind of roofing specialization the company is installing. Different roofing materials require other installation techniques. If a roofer is not familiar with the type of roofing you have, they may not be able to install it properly. This could lead to leaks or other problems down the road.

For example, if you have a shingle roof, you’ll want to ensure the roofer has experience working with shingles. If you have a tile roof, you’ll like to inquire about their tile roofing experience. The same goes for metal roofs, flat roofs, and other types of roofing.

3. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

Any roofing contractor worth their salt will take the time to acquire the necessary licenses and insurance. This demonstrates that they mean business and are prepared to put up the effort required to succeed.

A licensed roofing contractor will also be up-to-date on the latest roofing code requirements and can obtain the proper permits required for your project. So, when looking for a roofing contractor, inquire whether they have a license and insurance. 

4. How Much Do You Charge for Roofing Services? 

Asking a roofer how much they charge for their services is a great way to get an idea of what you can expect to pay. However, it’s important to remember that roofers may charge different rates for different services. For example, a roofer may charge more for a roof replacement than they would for a repair.

5. Do You Offer Any Roofing Warranties?

Warranties can vary depending on the roofer and the type of work. For example, some roofers may offer a warranty on their quality, while others may offer a guarantee on the materials used. Be sure to ask about the warranty details before hiring a roofer.


When looking for a competent residential roofer, it is vital to ask the correct questions to narrow down your options. This can help ensure that you pick a roofer with a good reputation and the qualifications to accurately install or repair your roof.

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