6 Things That Show Your House Is Due for a Roof Replacement

6 Things That Show Your House Is Due for a Roof Replacement

April 21, 2021

Part of taking care of your property is replacing certain parts when needed. However, some people are usually on the fence about having to make that such a big expense and procrastinate getting anything fixed. An essential part of the home like the roof needs extra special care and proper maintenance, but a roof replacement can't be helped if it's starting to look jaggy and old.

If you're still thinking about whether you really need that roof replacement yet for your home, here are a couple of signs you should look out for that might help convince you.


If you see any signs of flooding or water leaks, it may be time to change the roof. Watermarks are a sign that your roof may not be so effective at keeping rainwater out properly anymore, which can ruin the house's structural integrity and the top floors of your home.

There may be other problems that can cause water damage, such as piping and cracks by the walls, but be sure to inspect the roof along and other potential sources for the leak. At the very least, you may just need some basic roof repairs.

Mold Growth

In conjunction with water leaks, this usually means that moisture is trapped in certain areas and that mold can grow and thrive in that environment. This is a health concern, especially if there are occupants who happen to have allergies to mold.

Check the corners of different rooms in your home and where the water had leaked through. If you spot the mold, it may be time to change the roof and prevent water from seeping through ever again. You will also want to be sure to treat the mold.

Tiles Falling

If you're walking around your yard and spot a fallen roof tile or mortar, that doesn't bode well for the condition of your rooftop. Try to go to the top of your house to inspect the top of the roof and check any gaps and loose tiling. If there's a lot of missing tiles, that just means a roof replacement is definitely in order.

A Mess in the Attic

The attic condition is one good way of determining whether or not the roof should be replaced. Flooding only occurs in that area if your roof was unable to prevent rain from going through. Just get the replacement if the space below the roof is in bad condition and if the items stored there are damp.

Defected Gutters

Gutters help transfer rainwater off the roof and away from the home's foundation. It can be expected for dirt and residue to collect in the trenches, but it's an issue when they start to clog a lot easier and more frequently. Your roof should have a protective coating that can handle harsh weather conditions and help out your gutters rather than creating more work.

Sagged Roof Structure

When you see pictures of brand-new homes, you can tell that the roof is often seen straight rather than curved. When the top starts caving in, that means the structure is beginning to sag and become unsound. Roof replacement would be needed right away, especially before the winter and rainy seasons.


If you've observed one or multiple of these signs popping up on your property, you should start looking for a service provider who can help. Find someone reputable who can give you a full assessment of your roof's state and a schedule for fixing it so that your home is safe and protected.

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