Crucial Ways to Prevent Metal Roofing From Rusting

Crucial Ways to Prevent Metal Roofing From Rusting

June 24, 2021

One of the best possible options for homes is metal roofs. A lot of homeowners deliberately request this from the roofing company they'd like to work with. This primarily stems from its well-known longevity; the lifespan of a metal roof can go all the way to 100 years, which leads to cost-efficiency down the line. That said, it's not perfect, and one key issue metal roofs tend to have is rusting.

Read on for tips on crucial ways to prevent metal roofing from rusting:

Have Regular Maintenance

Compared to other roof types, metal needs less maintenance. Less does not mean none, however. It needs to stay clean for rust to be prevented. When there's debris buildup, it should be washed. Consider removing any trees that lead to constant debris buildup on the roof as well.

Have Rusted Metal Sealed

For metal roofs that already have rust existing, sealing will help to prevent further rusting from occurring. Various metal sealants are readily available. In each product's case, it's best to follow the manufacturer's directions for application. Typically, either a brush or roller is used. If the rusted area is small, sealant should be put there. No need for the whole roof to get a coat. Bigger rusted areas will require professional help, and a trained expert will cover the whole roof in sealant.

Make Use of Elastomeric Coatings

Put simply, elastomeric is a way of giving the roof a barrier because it's essentially an acrylic seal. Before the coating/s is/are applied, the surface needs to be cleaned well. A single coat alone has a lifespan of around 5 years. It comes in multiple colors, allowing for a seamless blend with exterior house decor.

Utilize Paint

Yes, the solution can be as simple as getting roofers to paint your metal roof. Essentially, it acts as a barrier that helps prevent rust due to the elements. Use a primer with a high zinc content for better rust prevention. This is due to zinc being a fantastic insulator. Needless to say, the roof should be clear and free of debris. More importantly, the metal roof needs to be power washed with detergent before any paint job is done. If there's already rust existing on the part of the roof, a wire brush can help get rid of it.

Work With an Metal Roofing Expert

Installing a metal roof cannot be a do-it-yourself job. A professional roofing company needs to be involved so the metal won't get cut during installation. When the metal's edges get cut, the chances of rusting get higher.

Inexperienced contractors don't cut the edges properly, and that can be a costly mistake down the line. Instead, work with professionals with proper training so you can ensure high-quality work and avoid paying double just to get the results you need.


Metal roofs are a popular choice largely because of their longevity. While they are low-maintenance, they do need tending, especially because they can rust. Ways to prevent this include making use of elastomeric coatings, having rusted metal sealed, regular maintenance, and getting the roof painted.

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