How Summer Heat Can Impact Your Roofing System

How Summer Heat Can Impact Your Roofing System

During the warmest times of the year, the last thing you want to think about is how the changing seasons will affect your roof. Winter can be the most damaging season for any roofing system, but summer heat can also cause issues. Summer storms, windbreaks, and other occurrences may cause wind and water damage to the roof, affecting the whole integrity of the house. It is critical to repair and maintain your roofing system before it’s too late.

Understanding what might happen to a roofing system during the hottest time of the year will help find solutions should there be any concern with the help of roofing contractors. Here are some of the challenges you might encounter during the summer season:  

1. Damaged System from Summer Storms

Strong winds and hail storms can do a number on any roof’s integrity, which is why proactive maintenance during springtime is recommended. It’s wise to assess for extensive damage in the attic, wet spots under the eaves, and gutter blockages. You may also check the roof itself for broken shingles, materials, and flashing so it is ready for the summer season. 

2. Break Down Faster from High Heat

If your roof is unprotected from the elements, it can absorb the heat and hit temperatures of up to 160°F on the hottest days. Because high temperatures accelerate chemical processes, your roofing and building materials will deteriorate more quickly. Appropriate attic airflow prevents heat accumulation from heating the inside of your house and creating condensation issues.

3. Early Age and Decay Brought by UV Rays

UV rays from the sun continuously assault your roof, causing it to age and deteriorate. Although this is evident even on cloudy days, it’s the brightest summer days that you should be wary of. Although perhaps not apparent to the human eye, radiation at this wavelength bleaches, weakens, and cracks wood. It causes oils in roofing materials to evaporate, and causes asphalt shingles to bend and break.

4. Weakened Structural Integrity Because of Thermal Shock

During the day, your home’s roofing system achieves very high temperatures. It then rapidly cools when the sun sets, causing roofing and building materials to expand and contract. As a result, the structural integrity of your roof deteriorates with time. This is particularly problematic for metal, which may bend and create holes.

What Can You Do to Address These Summer Season Roofing Concerns?

Since the majority of the damage to any roofing system over the summer is incremental, it takes some time for concerns to emerge. Roofs that are less than a decade old and have been properly maintained are generally problem-free. Developing a sharp eye for possible issues and acting on them as they emerge are great methods to minimize your home’s long-term maintenance expenses. 

To prevent the greatest issues connected with summer heat, make sure your attic is well-ventilated. This preserves your investment by extending the life of your roof. If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, you’ll need to fix the problem if you want your current or new roof to survive as long as possible. It is usually less costly to catch issues early and make repairs as soon as possible than to build a new roof. Therefore, it is vital to check your roof at least once a year or have it checked by professionals and roofing contractors.

Final Thoughts

Inspect your roofing system from the ground, and look for missing or damaged shingles. If you suspect your roof is damaged, call a reliable roofing company right away. Arrange regular inspections to avoid roofing problems. It is key to remember that roofs that have been in place for more than ten years must be examined on a regular basis since the materials begin to wear quicker with age.
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