Is Your Flat Roof Protected from the Hazards of Autumn?

Is Your Flat Roof Protected from the Hazards of Autumn?

One of the most chill seasons has arrived! Leaves are changing in color, the air is getting chilly, and things are decidedly low-key coming from summer's high. However, this shift in the seasons and the weather also comes with extremes. Freezing cold, storms, and a whole lot of falling leaves are common during this time as well. It's important to make sure that your flat roof is prepared to deal with it all.

Read on to learn more about autumn hazards that your flat roof should be protected from:

The Hazard: Leaves

While this may seem like a non-issue, autumn makes it just that. One of the very trademarks of the season is the way leaves change colors and fall off. However, when leaves are left on a roof along with other debris, there can be huge issues.

Moisture tends to build up in organic matter piles. What follows is fungus and mold, all of which wreaks havoc on roof integrity. That's because the material will rot and get eaten away by all the growth. These can affect the roof's strength and even leak.

One of the most vital things that keep roofs and homes healthy is the gutter—or well, gutters— which is why maintenance is vital. Water is redirected from roofs thanks to gutters and outlets. When a gutter gets blocked, standing water can likely build up.

Flat roofs do not do well when water ponding happens. Aside from increasing the leak risk, the roof ends up strained and weighed down. Correcting ponding water should happen immediately. When you're able to prevent water ponding, a roof has a much better shot at staying tough.

Needless to say, gutter and roof cleanliness at all times is key.

The Hazard: Ponding Water From Cold Temperatures

Problems can occur coming from ice and snow buildup. On top of that, ponding water will be affected by the drops in temperature as things get colder. For the most part, it's prone to intense freezing. It will also end up thawing at some point, however. As a result, splitting will happen. Membrane joints are the usual area of splits and cracks. Needless to say, leaks can occur as a result, alongside seepage. All of that can damage the roof considerably.

The Hazard: Puddles

It can be tough to find sags on a roof when they're hardly obvious. That doesn't make them any less dangerous, though. Check the roof after it rains in case the water has pooled in some areas. Flat roofs are pitched a bit, so there is no reason for puddles to form. If there are gaps as caulking flaws in the flashing (the area where the flat roof and walls meet), call a professional.


Flat roofs are ideal for many homeowners due to their aesthetic. However, as the autumn season goes on, it's important to make sure the flat roof is free of dealing with any hazards. Keep a particular eye out for puddles, ponding water, and leaves. When your flat roof is well-maintained, you can expect it to serve you throughout the seasons, year after year.

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