Ways to Maintain Your Metal Roofing and Prolong Its Life

Ways to Maintain Your Metal Roofing and Prolong Its Life

With proper maintenance, your metal roof can last a lifetime. This material can withstand most extreme weather conditions and is also fire-resistant, making it an excellent choice for the overall safety of your home.

While it does not need much care and maintenance, it is best to perform annual checks on your metal roofing. This ensures that it functions at its best and looks good to protect your investment.

In this article, we will run you through the importance of metal roof maintenance and how you can go about it.

Protecting Your Investment

Keeping the roof over your head can be a costly investment. Like any other investment, you would need to protect your roof to prevent expensive problems in the future.

Although metal roofing is a durable and low-maintenance material, there is still a risk of getting damaged over time. You may eventually start to experience leaks, dents, scratches, degradation, and corrosion.

With annual maintenance checks, you can address these problems as they begin. By detecting and preventing the more significant issues, you can save up on expensive repair costs in the long run.

Your roof may also accumulate dirt, begin to fade, or show signs of wear as it is constantly exposed to the elements. You can keep your roof looking good and aesthetically pleasing through regular maintenance.

Your metal roof can even last up to 50 years with proper maintenance despite harsh weather and exposure to the elements.

Ways You Can Maintain Your Roof

Other than having annual maintenance checks, you can also do some simple maintenance of your own to help prolong the lifespan of your metal roof. Some of these include:

  • Keep your roof free of dirt, pollen, and mildew build-up. A build-up of this dirt and organisms on your roof can cause rust and water stains. You will want to clean this with a cleaning agent diluted in water and a microfiber cloth to scrub some of the stains out. You can call a professional to do this for you without risking damages to your roof.
  • Remove leaves and branches from your gutters before the winter months. This debris can prevent snow from sliding off properly from your roof. You can also trim down nearby trees in your property to help minimize the build-up of leaves and branches on your gutter.
  • Get rid of accumulated snow and ice. You will want to sweep the accumulated snow with a long-handled broom. Make sure you don’t use metal tools that could scrape away at your roof’s protective coating.
  • Have regular paint touch-ups if you notice your roof paint chipping or showing signs of age. This can help remove and prevent corrosion of your metal roof.
  • Check for panels seams that are loose or slipping out of place. These can cause water to leak into your home and cause damage.
  • Look out for loose roof screws. These may loosen over time due to thermal expansion, compression, and deterioration of gaskets.


Although metal roofing is durable and requires little maintenance, it is essential to have annual maintenance checks to prolong its lifespan. You can also practice some care of your own to help prevent deterioration.

Make sure you hire reliable roofing contractors to check your roofing condition and to prevent further damages to your roof. These professionals will know what to look for and how to walk on your roof without risking damages to their person or the roof.

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