What are the Major Benefits of Roof Coating For Businesses?

What are the Major Benefits of Roof Coating For Businesses?

April 07, 2022

Roof coatings have gotten a lot more attention and recognition in recent years. As interest in sustainability and “eco-friendly” activities grows, there will undoubtedly be a greater need for roof coating services. But why is that? What are some of the advantages of roof coating that commercial property managers should consider when addressing roofing needs? We’ll go over some of the obvious advantages of this particular roofing service below. To begin, you need to understand how roof coating systems function.

What is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is an extra layer of protection that may be put to an existing roof to extend its life by many years.

Roof coatings are frequently designed to expand and contract in response to weather conditions. Consequently, the coating is unharmed and remains bonded to the roof, avoiding a membrane breach.

Roof Coating Benefits

1. Energy Savings

A white or reflecting covering on a roof will not absorb heat from the sun’s beams. Instead, the material acts as a barrier, reflecting the heat that is conveyed. As a result, commercial buildings benefit from two key advantages:

  • Keeps the building cool.
  • Lowers Energy Consumption

This implies that the covering will protect your structure from overheating in the summer, keeping it much colder with extreme temperature variations inside.

What does this imply for energy consumption? Simply said, the building will need less energy to keep things cool and pleasant. The ability to reduce one’s carbon footprint is a crucial benefit that should influence most commercial business managers when selecting a coating system. At a minimum, it can drastically lower energy bills — and that’s never a bad business move!

2. Protection Against Leaks

A significant roofing benefit of roof coatings is protecting against leaks that a coating can provide. With a white or reflective coating on your roof, the material serves as a barrier to anything that may get stuck in between layers.

In other words, they will prevent leaks in the roof membrane. This is a significant roof coating benefit that commercial property managers should consider — especially if the property has experienced issues with leaks in the past.

3. Durability

In addition to being an excellent protectant against leaks, a good roof coating will also make the roof last longer. A coating will typically last a minimum of 10 years, while new roof membranes can deteriorate after 7 to 10 years.

In any case, the coating will extend the life of the roof membrane by adding an additional protective layer.

4. Improves the Energy Star rating

A building’s Energy Star rating is not fixed. It is subject to alter as the structure evolves. Adding a roof coating is one of the simplest methods to improve a building’s energy efficiency and perhaps enhance its Energy Star rating. Increasing the rating may be necessary for resale value or to help it obtain a number required by local authorities.

5. Enhances the Green Reputation

Depending on your company’s objectives, demonstrating to customers, vendors, and associates that you are doing all necessary to make the building “green” can be highly beneficial. In the form of a roof coating, green roofing is a reasonably inexpensive and straightforward technique to achieve this goal.


Roof coatings are often associated with energy efficiency initiatives and green building practices. While their primary benefits include energy savings, they also provide a barrier against leaks and a longer life of the roof membrane. Roof coatings provide a variety of other benefits that make them worth considering regardless of the size and condition of the building.

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