Why You Should Plan a Roof Replacement During the Fall Season

Why You Should Plan a Roof Replacement During the Fall Season

December 01, 2022

While you may not be able to see it from the ground, your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home. It keeps out rain, snow, and other weather elements that could damage your property.

The roof is also a part of your home that can be hard to replace, especially if it is an older roof. If you plan to replace your roof, it is important to consider the fall season as a good time for this project.

Here are some reasons to plan a roof replacement in the fall season.

The Nice Fall Weather

Fall tends to be a great time to get the roof replaced. The weather is nice, the days are getting shorter, and there is less chance of rain or snow. This makes it easier for crews to work on your roof without worrying about inclement weather interfering with, or delaying their progress.

It’s Less Rainy

Thunderstorms are more common in the summer, but there is still a chance of rain or thunderstorms during other seasons. If you’re going to get your roof replaced, it’s best to do it when fewer storms are moving through your area.

When a storm is overhead, it can be dangerous for roofers to work on your home. You don’t want anyone to get hurt or injured while working on your roof, so try to schedule the replacement project when there is less risk of inclement weather.

Easier to Install

Roof shingles are best installed during fall. Shingles can get brittle and easily break when exposed to very cold temperatures. They are also difficult to handle in the hot season because they get sticky. The best time to install the shingles is when there is not much sun, and the temperature is cooler.

Avoid Pests as Visitors

Your attic can be home to many pests during winter, so it is better to have your roof replaced before winter arrives. That is why scheduling your roof installation during the fall is better. This will help you avoid any problems arising from pests in your attic and damaging the roof.

Prepare for Winter

During winter, the roof can be the most vulnerable part of your home and can be damaged by snow, ice, or wind. That is why it is better to replace your roof during the fall season to be ready for winter.

Replacing or installing a roof during fall can give you peace of mind that your roof will be ready for the harsh winter elements. In addition to peace of mind, it will help you save on energy costs by keeping your home well-insulated during this season.

Better Sealant

Installing a roof in the fall ensures that the sealant will be well-cured and ready to protect against water and moisture.

Shingles that are installed in the fall have more time to bond properly before winter sets in. Fall offers a good amount of added warmth from the sunshine with cooler air temperatures that provide the perfect environment for shingles. It’s warm enough for the shingles to bond properly but not so cold that they won’t stick.


While there are many reasons why you should plan a roof replacement in the fall season, there are also other times of the year that can be good for this project. If you are looking to replace your roof, it is important to consider your options.

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