Wondering How Trees Can End up Damaging Your Roof: Read This

Wondering How Trees Can End up Damaging Your Roof: Read This

We know it is important to preserve a roof and its integrity as part of any building. And we know that a roof can withstand damage from outside elements such as weather when it is well-maintained. What many people don’t realize, though, is that a roof can also be damaged by trees.

Curious as to how that can end up happening? Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for so your roof can stay in the best shape possible while lessening trees’ impacting your landscape a certain way.

Be Wary Of Dangling, Overhanging Limbs

When a large tree is leaning close to your home or there is a large branch sticking out of an old oak tree so that it drapes over your roof, you are putting your roof in danger. A breaking limb or a snapped off branch could easily destroy your roof, and more than that, the entire tree can fall over during a storm. To avoid these problems, be sure to trim back any limbs that are leaning close to your home, and have any trees that are dying removed from your property as soon as possible.

Be Wary Of Clogged Downspouts and Gutters

Leaf matter can pile up in your gutters if you have lots of trees or if it rains or snows a lot. Leaves, sticks, twigs, moss, and dead plant matter can quickly accumulate in your gutters. Clogged gutters are basically useless, which means water will not get drained away from the home. Water will end up pooling on the roof instead, eventually creeping into your home.

While gutter guards can offer some assistance, routine cleanouts cannot be replaced.

Be Wary Of Debris, Needles and Leaves

Leaf material and other debris can clog your lawn mower’s motor, causing it to overheat, but it can also get wrapped around the blades and cause them to stop spinning. This can mean broken blades and other motor damage. Dead plants will decompose as they are soaked in water, because they will not dry out with the leaves covering them. This causes rot and decay of your roofing shingles and if it gets worse, the roof will collapse altogether eventually because the decay spreads and the leaves get heavier from every rain.

Be Wary Of Pest and Critter Infestations

Trees are part of nature, and if they are close to human homes, animals such as birds and squirrels will move in because they can easily pass through the trees to get to the homes. The trees provide the animals with food and shelter, so they may decide to move into the home if there are branches that lead to it. Pests can chew their way into the house through the roof or through a vent or pipe, causing both exterior and interior damage to the house.

Be Wary Of Too Much Yard Shade

Too many large trees around a home can cause problems. Large trees cast a lot of shade, which not only makes the land look dark and gloomy, but it also blocks harmful UV rays from reaching tree mold spores. This allows them to grow and spread quickly, which can cause roof damage if the moisture stays on the house and keeps the mold alive.


Trees can actually lead to roof damage given certain circumstances. It’s good to take note of certain factors that will need to be addressed immediately. Be wary of clogged downspouts and gutters, too much yard shade as well as dangling, overhanging limbs.

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