How You Can Tell If Your Roof Was Installed Properly

How You Can Tell If Your Roof Was Installed Properly

There’s a good reason why people express gratitude for having a roof over their heads. It’s because the roof is one of the most crucial components of a house. Whether the roofing on your home is brand-new or has been there for a while, it’s vital to know that it was installed properly. 

The good news is that you can determine if your home’s roof was put correctly or poorly through a few simple methods.

Great roofing may not appear very complex, given its often simple appearance. But it’s not at all the case. A lot is happening “behind the hood,” so to speak. The signs listed below can help a homeowner quickly assess the condition of their roof. 

Does Your Roof Have a Uniform Appearance?

The eye test is a quick and easy trick to determine if your roof was correctly fitted. Check if your roof is consistent throughout. If any patches don’t match the others, your roofing may have been built incorrectly and requires roof repair.

Look at Your Flashing

You might start by quickly inspecting your flashing, the thin, frequently galvanized steel sheet used on roofs to divert water away from crucial locations. 

Installing flashing frequently takes place close to skylights, vents, or chimneys. The flashing was likely done improperly if it’s coming up from the roof itself and has to be corrected or replaced. It could just be old if it’s corroded or flaking, but that must be changed.

Is Your Roof Decking Rotting?

Rotting is a terrible sign for your property, as it is for any component. It may even be unsafe with your roof. A rotting roof could eventually cave in on itself, severely injuring you and your loved ones. Every so often, perform an eye check to look for any indications of decaying in the regions around your roof. Call a qualified roofing company immediately to take a closer look if you see any.

Checking the Nailing and Overhang

The best roofers will secure your roofing properly and avoid too much overhang. When properly placed, your shingles’ edges should hang over the roof by approximately 1″ to 1 ½”, or ½” to ¾” for drip edge flashing. 

Shingles may come off if there are too many and if there is a strong breeze. Water could seep into your fascia or rake boards if you don’t have enough. 

If any of your shingles are leaning or hanging awkwardly, there’s a good chance that your roofing needs an examination since it was put improperly.

Preventing Bad Roofing Work

In light of all of this, you might be asking how to prevent significant roofing issues in the first place. We frequently get such queries. Fortunately, there are methods to avoid improperly or poorly installed roofing from the beginning.

It helps to work with local roofers. The roofers in your city, town, or county will be familiar with the house requirements in your neighborhood. They will use the right equipment and follow stringent regulations. 


A few of these hints will help you to check if your roof was applied completely or incorrectly. If you think your roof is not installed well, contact a reliable roofer in your area immediately.

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