My Roof Is Sagging! What Could Have Caused It?

My Roof Is Sagging! What Could Have Caused It?

Your fences, front lawn, and interior design may have been significant in making your house look like a relaxing and comfortable home. Still, the roof takes all the credit in ensuring that you can live safely in your humble abode! No property can indeed be considered a home without a sturdy roof over it. 

Thanks to the roof, you can sleep soundly even during the strongest storms, stay warm and cozy during harsh winters, and spend quality time with friends and family on any day of the year. With a roof over your head, you can feel safe and free to do anything to your heart’s content within the walls of your home.

However, what happens when your roof’s ridge starts to take the shape of a saddle? 

The Sagging Roof Problem

Although your roof is supposed to be sturdy and durable enough to withstand extreme weather and other harmful external factors, it’s not indestructible. Roofs are always supposed to be straight; no amount of roof sag is acceptable. If your roof has a curved or wavy appearance, you’ll have to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Don’t mistake a sagging roof for a design element that adds a rustic touch to your home—it presents an underlying problem within the house that could put your living situation at risk!

Causes of a Sagging Roof

Spotting a sagging in your roof is never a good thing, not only because any roof problem is an enormous undertaking, but also because an issue within your house caused the sagging. To determine whether you only need a roof repair or a total replacement, you must first find out the cause of the sagging and the extent of the damage.

Some of the most common reasons for a sagging roof include:

1. Water Damage

Since your roof is constantly exposed to wind, rain, and snow, these elements will eventually cause significant water damage. If the roof doesn’t properly distribute water away, the excess moisture will cause rotting or decay to the roof sheathing. As a result, the roof will start to sag.

2. Poor Installation and Low-Quality Materials

Most times, a sagging roof has been caused by your roofing contractor’s bad materials used or poor installation. A brand new roof should last for quite a long time without any problem, but if it was constructed with subpar materials or installed by an unqualified roofer, then you’ll most likely encounter a few issues soon.

3. Excessive Weight

Although the roof is meant to be durable, it’s not meant to hold more weight than it should. Sagging roofs can be a concern, especially when you live in an area that snows heavily during the colder months, as the accumulation of snow can add to the load your roof is carrying.

To avoid your roof from sagging because of accumulated build-up, make sure to clear snow and ice off regularly. 


A sagging roof isn’t any other house issue that can wait a while—once you notice your roof sagging, you must seek professional help immediately. We don’t recommend fixing your roof yourself as you could make the problem worse and risk your safety. For any roof problem you have, make sure to call for professional roof repair so that you can live happily and safely in your home once again!

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