A Quick Guide to Resolving Storm Damage on Your Roof

A Quick Guide to Resolving Storm Damage on Your Roof

The potential for extreme weather makes your roof vulnerable and unable to handle any damage that a massive storm or snowfall might bring. No matter how much you care for your roof or work to maintain it, a heavy storm can potentially cause great destruction to it.

If a heavy storm is about to pass near you, it is advisable to inspect your roof by climbing up a ladder. The storm could bring many types of damage to any structure, no matter how seemingly sturdy. One of the common issues is shingles getting ripped out from where they are attached; you may need to replace these right away. 

Read on to know more about what you need to do if a storm touches down near you and damages your roof.

Storm Roof Damages

Storms can damage residential roofs in many ways. Varieties depend on but are not limited to the situation, location, and type of materials used on your roof. You can repair these damages on your own, but of course, the best work will always come from the best professional roofers in your area.

What to Do If the Shingles Are Damaged

The most common problem a storm can bring to your roof is the damage caused by the strong winds to the shingles. This is why it’s important to check your roof before a storm; this way, you can easily spot how many shingles are ripped away or pulled down by the wind. Any shingles that may have loosened over time might catch the storm’s high winds and get taken away. 

So next time, it would help if you check your roof or consult a roofing company to check for any loose shingles before the storm passes through your house. It may significantly lessen the number of pulled-down shingles next time. 

After a storm, it would be best to climb up on a ladder and inspect any damage to the shingles. If so, professionals roofers can do the repairs and perform an even more thorough inspection to prepare you for extreme weather in the future.

What to do for Damage Caused by Trees 

Once a storm hits your area and the wind and rain stir the branches of trees overhanging your roof, a significant amount of leaves and branches will likely fall onto your roof. The fallen debris will likely affect your roof shingles or even punch a hole through the many layers of your roofing system. This is why cutting down these branches is best for pre-storm preparation. 

The fallen leaves from the tree can also damage your roof by clogging the gutters. You can remove these and clean them on your own. 

What to do for Damage Caused by Hail 

A hailstorm can be very destructive to your roof since it exerts much force once hailstones land on your roof. Large-sized hailstones may even puncture your shingles, which eventually lets water into your house. You may contact roofing contractors for roof repair and do the job for you.

Final Thoughts 

Roof damage from storms and extreme weather can affect your home. For a thorough and professional job from inspection onward, an excellent roofing company will be happy to help you with any type of roof repair you need.

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