5 Common Problems With Commercial Roofing

5 Common Problems With Commercial Roofing

Like with residential roofing systems, commercial roofing is also not immune to the impacts of harsh weather conditions. It is inevitable that there will be a problem years after its installation. It just depends on several factors like the quality of the roof itself, the installation done, and how regular maintenance is performed. 

If you don’t do roofing maintenance and you neglect your simple fixes, you can expect a more extensive and expensive roof repair.

But what are the common commercial roof problems that you should watch out for? Cardinal Roof shares five of the most common ones that when you see means you should give us a call as they need immediate attention:

1. Standing Water

Standing water on flat roofs is not uncommon. This is a really bad problem because it often means you’re not only dealing with the water but leaves, bird nests, and other debris that could accumulate and clog the drains later on.

If the pitch of the roof is not enough for water from the rain or AC units to flow freely towards the drains, you’ll definitely have problems with standing water and if you ignore it, you’re probably going to experience leaks and roof deterioration, too.

2. Blow Offs

Blow offs happen when strong wind hits the side of the building and goes straight to the top. The space that is created between the roof itself and the moving wind results in suction that pulls roof materials off. This happens when the roof material used in your commercial facility is cheap and weak. This is one of the reasons that the quality of the roof and the installation are extremely important.

3. Shrinkage

Roofs, especially metal ones, do expand and contract with the extreme change of temperature. The drip edges and flashing, in particular, can change in size from one season to another. As the metal roof does this, holes can be created and joints can also break. As this goes on for years, leaks become inevitable.

4. Punctures

Foot traffic is one of the most common reasons behind punctures, especially to single-ply systems. It’s not just the weight of the person walking on the roof but also the soles of the shoes that they are wearing which can be quite aggressive and can possibly tear through roof membranes.

5. Damaged Pitch Pans and Flashing

These parts deflect water from the joints and the seams. They are installed on the walls, the curbs, and around elements that protrude from the roof like chimneys or pipes. One of the most common causes of leaks in a commercial building is improper installation of flashings. Damaged flashing and pitch pans can also be caused by the contraction and expansion of metal. As these changes happen, holes can develop and could result in tears and leaks.


It’s highly likely for commercial buildings, especially those with metal roofing, to experience the problems discussed above. They can be prevented or at least postponed with regular maintenance and immediate roof repair once signs of damage show. The worst thing that you can do to your commercial roofing system is to ignore them because if you do, you would not be able to detect problems in their early stages and you’ll end up having to pay for a costly repair or worse, require roof replacement.

For commercial or residential roofing maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement,  Cardinal Roof is the roof company to call if you are from Alabama or Middle Tennessee. Contact our team so we can tell you about our services!