Roofing Solutions: Do I Have to Repair or Replace My Roof?

Roofing Solutions: Do I Have to Repair or Replace My Roof?

July 22, 2021

Each roof requires replacement or refurbishment after a set time of usage because its status has a significant influence on the safety of the people living under it. Therefore, any flaws should be addressed promptly.

However, just because there's a leak or a fissure doesn't mean you have to take drastic measures. You must first evaluate the issues and determine the best roofing solution. You'll learn all you need to know in this article.

Start With a Professional Roof Inspection

Roofing contractors should carry out a roof inspection. The first step is a visual check from the ground. Next, they will attempt to identify any cracks, corrosion, and other issues on every inch of the roof. The valleys, gutter, vent pipe, flashing and boots, and drip edge will all be examined for issues.

They can then ascend to the top of the roof to check for more damage, such as holes or missing shingles, as well as other indicators of wear and tear. Finally, an assessment of the attic is performed to look for damage and determine the state and the structure's formwork and insulation.

When To Repair a Roof?

There are a few minor issues that indicate that a roof repair is all that is required. First, look at the shingles—if they are curled, cracked, missing, wet, dark, and filthy. Another common sign is blistering or peeling outside paint, which might indicate a problem with your gutter system.

Moreover, if you are in the attic and you see water stains on the ceiling, this means that the roof's underlayment is letting moisture into your home. While you are in there, it is also best to look for leaks. Finally, take a look at your energy bill. If you notice a sudden increase in your power consumption, it is possible that warm or cool air from inside your home is escaping through gaps in your roof.

It's also worth noting that you should make sure your roof can handle the extra weight before making repairs.

When to Replace a Roof?

Sometimes, a roof replacement is seen as the best solution and the only option.

Asphalt roofs typically only last 20 to 30 years. But regardless of how old your roof is, look for clear signs that it needs to be replaced. A significant area of loose, cracked, or broken shingles, evidence of water damage or leakage, insulation damage, and mold development are all examples.

Symptoms can sometimes be observed during an attic visit, like the presence of pinholes of light in the ceiling. Finally, examine the form of the roof from the exterior; if you see any obvious bending or tilting, have them replaced at once.


The roof is the part of the house that protects you from outside elements, and it deteriorates over time, just like every other part of the house. Roof renovations may come at a high cost and take a long time to complete, but ensuring that it is in good condition will ensure your safety and comfort. Above all, the roof should be replaced by a competent team of roofing contractors who will handle all that is required for the project.

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